Whitefish Lake First Nation #459

Description: Construction of a new Community Hall with a total building area of 7,600 Sq. ft.

Location: Whitefish Lake, AB

YVR - National Car Rental

Description:  A 11,200 sq. ft.  pre-engineered, design-build, full service auto center with carwash, windshield replacement and refueling station.

Location: Richmond, BC

YVR - Sani Dump Building

Description: A 1,800 sq. ft. pre-engineered, design-build, airside Sani Dump Building servicing the south runways.

Location: Richmond, BC

St. Albert Tree Farm

Description:  A 14,000 SF Agriculture Storage Facility.

Location: St. Albert, AB

Edmonton Scottish Society

Description:  A 135,000 SF Air Dome System for multi-sport facility.

Location: Edmonton, AB

Saddle Lake Fire Hall

Description:  A 3,500 sq. ft. Fire Hall designed with future expansion in mind.

Location: Saddle Lake, AB

Desa Glass

Description:  A 68,200SF Office and Manufacturing Development (55,500SF Manufacturing & 12,700SF Office)

Location: Calgary, AB

Kainai Community Hall

Description:  A 13, 235 sq. ft.Turnkey Community Hall

Location: Stand Off, AB

SMS Equipment - Truck Shop Addition

Description: Seko is adding onto an existing truck shop (which was also built by Seko). A four story structural steel structure, approximately 3000 sq. ft/floor. This structure/building will accommodate offices, training facilities and storage space.  Onto this structure Seko is adding a 2nd pre-engineered structure/building, dimensions 80'-0" (W)  X140'-0" (D)  X 70'-0" (H),  along with (2)  100 tons overhead cranes, (2) mega overhead doors (45'-0"WX 35'-0"H) State of the art HVAC and all electrical lighting and components.  This building will be used to assemble, test and maintain Komatsu's new 980E series trucks (for oil sands purposes).

Location: Fort McMurray, AB